Underwater museum

    The Faraglioni of Scopello are in a position of natural shelter from winds, except the north-east and east. It’s probably been a place of anchorage in ancient times, it can be inferred by the different types of amphorae on the site and reperts (pottery Greek, Punic, African and Spanish).

    Itinerary is located on a rocky in part and in part sandy, covered by Posidonia oceanica, at a depth of about 16-18 meters.

    The rocky area to reach a sandy stretch, on the bottom, there is an anchor lithic trapezoidal three-hole, hidden from the Posidonia various reperts: necks of amphorae with handle and with two-handled, funds amphorae and fragments of different ages, a millstone white probably used as ballast.

    Reperts have a label that describes the type and the historic period.

    The itinerary has a guide rope that allows the visitor to follow a logical sense of the archeological site, the guest is always accompanied by an expert guide of Cetaria Diving Center in Scopello.