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Recently I viewed Bang and it looked fun. However, I am not sure of what version to get. Either the dice or card game. My playing group is my family and are pretty familiar to board games. I would like if someone can state the main differences pros and cons

Bang the card game VS. Bang the dice game : boardgames

Istanbul. For 5 players or less, Bang the Card game. The High Noon and Fistful of Dollars expansions have cards in there that will keep the game short as well. For more than 5 players, Bang Dice probably works best, but loses the handmanagement aspect and a bit of the hidden role gamesmanship. 5.Top responsesThe dice game and its not even close. The card game takes forever, especially with new players, and 5 players. My first game had 8 players, 4 or so who were read more26 votesI personally prefer the Dice version. My group has both the card game and dice game and we continually choose the dice game instead. Its faster and we enjoy the read more10 votesIf you owned both you would play the dice game more simply because it was a quicker game. But the card game has a little more depth to it. So it really read more7 votesI personally still love the card game. It might be slower, but if you enjoy bluffing and stalling, its a great way to exercise the mind without going into a read more7 votesBought Bang The Bullet a year ago on a recommendation from a now exfriend, it never hits the table. Looking to get rid of it.2 votesThe Dice game. Shorter, better and will hit the table more often. The card game takes forever and sometimes someone can die in the first 2 rounds and has to wait like read more2 votes

WSIG Bang VS Bang the dice game : boardgames

I like the Bang: The Dice Game better. It plays fasters and is simpler to learn. The issues that I have with the original card game is that players can take really long turns which slows down the game. This leads to more down time between turns as well. Also, in large games, it possible for players to get eliminated before having one turn.Top responsesI like the Bang: The Dice Game better. It plays fasters and is simpler to learn. The issues that I have with the original card game is that players can take really read more8 votesIve gotten eliminated in the dice game before i took a turn, but games are so fast that it wasnt really an issue.1 voteI prefer the dice game as well. Its quick and accommodates a large number of players. I didnt like the card game at all, took far too long and felt drawn out read more1 voteThe dice game. It is smoother, faster,easier to teach, and I believe cheaper.1 voteHad a really bad experience with the card game where the owner of the game picked on others many who had never played before and knocked people out read more1 voteThanks all of you I decied to buy the dice version Have a nice day 1 vote

Bang Card Game vs Dice Game Comparison

4.0 out of 5 stars Bang Card Game vs Dice Game Comparison. Reviewed in the United States on March 8, 2015. Verified Purchase. As a huge fan of the Bang card game, I recently purchased and started playing the dice game, so I thought Id shed some light on the differences. Both games are amazing and a lot of fun, but one or the other might be bettersuited for your gaming needs: The Card Game ...

Owning Bang The Dice game do I want Samurai Sword ...

28/08/2014 0183 32SS has replaced Bang the card game but not the dice game. SS is great if you want a beefier game than the dice game without the overly long playtime of Bang the card game. While the general idea of the game is the same as the dice game initially hidden roles, direct attacks against other players the mechanics of actual play feel very different. Bang the dice game is very tactical while SS ...Subject: Attacking with cards then dice05/10/2019Comparison with the Original Bang the Dice Game Bang ...22/02/2019Subject: SinglePlayer Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game Review EXPLODI10/02/2016King of Tokyo vs Bang the dice game The Dice Tower ...06/12/201

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