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0183 323. But one golden rule of bridge on the opening lead never underlead an ace against a suit contract. If you do underlead an ace, this may enable declarer or dummy to make a singleton king. Also following this rule enables partner to make the correct play in the following situation: Q74 J9652 K103 A8 Against a suit contract West leads 5 a low card implying that he has an honour . Dummy plays 4.Opening Leads Bridge Articles Bridge with Larry Cohenwww.larryco.comOpening Leads Bridge Articles Bridge with Larry Cohenwww.larryco.comOpening Leads Bridge Bearswww.bridgebears.comBridge bid and made Bridge Opening Leads Cribsheetwww.bidandmade.comOpening Leads: Bridge Playwww.bridgehands.com

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The 9 is a passive lead, sometimes called a protecting lead because you are trying to protect your honors by waiting for someone else to lead those suits. example 8

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published w/ permission of Bill Buttle Spotcard leads. In quotStandardquot which varies in different parts of the world , from holdings of 4 cards or longer, the 4th best card is led. So, from K9842, lead the 4. This is the same against suits and notrump. With only 3 cards, such as K63, lead low the 3 . With any doubleton, lead

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32 0183 32Leads Against Notrump Promote long suits and suits with controlling honors: 1. Suit bid or LENGTHHOLDINGLEAD VERSUS NOTRUMPLEAD VERSUS SUIT2Ax through xxHighHigh3Ax x, A10 xLowAceA Qx, AJ xMiddleAceA K xSee a.See a.www.bridgehands.com32

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Lead low if you have 3 cards lead high from 2 cards. A suit that offers a good attacking combination two or more touching honors KQ10x, QJ10, AKxx, J109 . Your longest suit. Lead low if you dont have touching honors. A suit the opponents have not bid. If there are

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What are the two meanings of lead 1 : to guide on a way often by going ahead You lead and we will follow. 2 : to be at the head or front part of She led the parade. 5 : to go through : live They lead a happy life. 6 : to reach or go in a certain direction This road leads to town.

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0183 32Bridge is a card game for four players in two partnerships. Each player sits opposite his or her partner. Rank of Cards: A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 Thirteen cards are dealt to each person. ... lead a low card instead. Maybe partner has the King or the Jack to help you out.

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18/5/2021 0183 32Most of the time in bridge in no trump you either lead a high card when its next to another high card or two so leading it and knocking out the one above it makes the one below it a winner or you lead a low card in a suit you have a lot of cards in. In a trump contract you might lead a

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Contract Bridge Game Rules BRIDGE Cards, Laws of Dupli e Bridge Game. Bridge Laws, Rules 187 Questions, Answers : Contract Bridge Game Laws, Rules: ... If it was really a defenders turn to lead, the card is returned to Declarer or Dummy without penalty. If Declarer led from the wrong hand, the card is returned, and any card is led from the ...

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Alvin Roth a very ethical player is defending 7NT, vulnerable, in a money rubber bridge game where the declarer reduces to a three card ending. Dummy has the Axx of spades and declarer the KJ10. The lead is in declarers hand and he leads the SJ. Second hand has xxx and Roth Qxx.

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Bridge Card Game Rules. I think of the rules of bridge as being broken down into three different areas. The rules governing how the game is actually played. The laws governing how bids are used and how a director should handle a situation in the event of cards being misplayed. The rules governing the play of dupli e bridge.

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Opener would normally bid 3, but can superaccept with a maximum and 4card spade support. After 3: 3NT Exactly 5 spades. Choice of games 4 or 3NT 4/4 5 spades, 4 cards in suit bid, forcing to game. 4 5 spades, 5 hearts, choice of games 4 or 4

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Bridge, card game derived from whist, through the earlier variants bridge whist and auction bridge.The essential features of all bridge games, as of whist, are that four persons play, two against two as partners a standard 52card deck of playing cards is dealt out one at a time, clockwise around the table, so that each player holds 13 cards and the object of play is to win tricks, each ...

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The speed and smoothness of the game: In short, it is slow, even if activating the singleton selection. And indeed the last card cannot automatically be played. Most of the card game apps can have a quicker response after playing a card. For the AI of the computer opponents, since I am not an expert bridge player, I should not comment much.

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In the 5point game, a side is said to be quotat the bridgequot when it has scored 4 and the opponents have scored 2 or less. Keeping Score with Low Card Markers. An elegant and widespread method of keeping score is with cards lower than those used in play. When game is 5 points, each side uses a threespot and a fourspot as markers.

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